Tips for working

The first step in creating a piece of art is having an objective. An objective can be anything from inspiration, an assignment sheet, to just wanting to kill time, or the need to spread a message subliminally. It’s important when trying to create anything to have a reason behind doing it! I know I’m going to sound like an art history teacher when I say that art needs to have a propose. After all, we’re not living in the Renaissance and unfortunately it is no longer “art for arts sake.” – materials are to expensive for that idea.


  1. A due date is always the most encouraging way to get things completed. I don’t know how many times I’ve started something and then forgotten about it, or selectively evoked the idea of “out of sight out of mind” in order to avoid doing something. [I do remember but somethings are better left unsaid <3] So setting a due date for your self can be one of the most helpful ways to actually completing a work. And once you get use to completing works in a timely fashion who knows what doors will open up for you.
  2. Inspiration! I can not stress how true this is, but everything around you is going to inspire you.  For example; in my room I have posters, a vast movie collection, a large manga collection and quite a few books. With all of this around me I actually find it difficult to concentrate and actually conceptualize what I want to get onto paper, especially if I want to draw something macabre, or to reference a master work of art, or even accomplish realism without portraying Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom as Legolas [not that either are bad]. So I suggest that you surround yourself with what you want to be inspired by.
  3. Stretch! Yes, you have to stretch before working seriously! I don’t mean sport stretches, I mean doodling. I have found that I am most successful at getting what is in my mind onto paper when I’ve doodled a couple ugly doodles first. That’s right, just let the pencil/pen/paintbrush/whatever you want to use, flow and get all that frustration out.
  4. I’ve also found, and have red similar accounts, that music helps. So wear some ear buds and rock out to your favorite music, this is going to help you relieve some tension and really get into what your doing. Don’t be worried about being distracted by the music; once you get going you might not even notice it’s there.
  5. Take breaks! If your work constantly you’ll get bored, or subconsciously start rushing which we all know doesn’t lead to a good finished product. So remember to pace yourself and try to enjoy working, even if there is a due date looming in the distance.

I hope this helps you in completing your work, I know it’s helped me in the past.

If you have anything you would like to suggest feel free to post a comment or send me an IM on AIM at RxYuki07


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